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Electric chainsaw 2200 W 46 cm
  • Electric chainsaw 2200 W 46 cm
  • Electric chainsaw 2200 W 46 cm
  • Electric chainsaw 2200 W 46 cm
  • Electric chainsaw 2200 W 46 cm
  • Electric chainsaw 2200 W 46 cm
  • Electric chainsaw 2200 W 46 cm
  • Electric chainsaw 2200 W 46 cm


Hyundai HTRE2240 electric chainsaw (Oregon guide bar): power and maneuverability combined!

The HTRE2240 electric model with 2200 Watts of power allows you to cut and saw safely and without unnecessary effort.

Cutting wood can sometimes be dangerous. The HTRE2240 is equipped with a double safety button and a mechanical chain brake, making it one of the safest chainsaws on the market.

With the power of the HTRE2240's engine, the HTRE2240 is quick to get started, saving you time and providing real user comfort!

The cutting capacity of this electric model (40.6 centimetres) allows clean and fast cuts.

The uses of this electro-portable model can vary from pruning to felling work as well as the cutting of small and medium diameter firewood.

Oregon's world-renowned Oregon guide bars ensure professional-quality results when cutting branches.

Simple to use, the HTRE2240 chainsaw combines power and reliability to give you the pleasure of a neat, fast and efficient work.

This is also the advantage of using a tool that is easy to handle and maintain.

The chain tension is adjusted without tools for longer service life.

The HTRE2240 weighs 5.3 kg: the lightness and manoeuvrability of the tool combined with the sound comfort make the HTRE2240 Hyundai chainsaw a

indispensable for your garden shed!

The lifespan of Hyundai tools is a guarantee of reliability and quality.

2 years warranty, provided by the SWAP-Europe network:

For the after-sales service, you can contact one of the 350 points in France which will repair your item during the warranty period.

SWAP has a very important stock of spare parts: the shipment is insured within 72 hours.

SWAP keeps spare parts in stock for 5 years, even after the warranty period, to ensure long service life and repair!

Short Description

  • Superior performance compared to a thermal chainsaw
  • Comfort of use
  • Easy adjustment and maintenance
  • Professional quality
  • Oregon guide bar and chain, the reference in chainsaw chain
  • Double safety button
  • Silent product


Tool free chain tension adjustment
Type of brake
frein mécanique
Guide and chain
Ecartement des dents
1 mm
Capacité réservoir huile
180 mL
2200 W
Longueur de guide
46 cm
Vitesse d'avancement de la chaîne
12.1 m/s