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Petrol chainsaw 46 cm³ 45 cm
  • Petrol chainsaw 46 cm³ 45 cm
  • Petrol chainsaw 46 cm³ 45 cm
  • Petrol chainsaw 46 cm³ 45 cm
  • Petrol chainsaw 46 cm³ 45 cm
  • Petrol chainsaw 46 cm³ 45 cm
  • Petrol chainsaw 46 cm³ 45 cm
  • Petrol chainsaw 46 cm³ 45 cm


Hyundai HTRT45H45-1 Thermal Chainsaw: High power for optimum efficiency!

The thermal model HTRT45H45-1 equipped with a 2-stroke engine will surprise you with its ease of use and power.

Its 46 cm³ cylinder and 43 cm cutting length allow cutting work such as cutting logs, pruning, cutting, tree felling, heavy work, etc?

With its world-renowned Hyundai45 cm chain guide, the HTRT45H45-1 offers performance worthy of pro models .

Its cutting speed of 22 m/s makes it easy to cut any type of wood.

Cutting of green wood or dry wood, pruning of tree branches with very hard wood (beech, ash...) or softwood (fir, pine...), nothing resists to it!

With itsgreat manoeuvrability , this chainsaw pruner is ideal for carrying out your forestry work without fatigue.

Its anti-vibration system offers real comfort of use and increased tool life, making this machine an indispensable ally in all your cutting jobs.

It is also equipped with a chain with a pitch equal to 0.325'', i.e. 15 teeth more than 3/8 chains for the general public.

The chain is lubricated by an automatic lubrication system which is carried out in complete safety.

Its 550 ml fuel tank allows you to carry out demanding work over a long period of time.

Finally, thanks to its anti-whiplash chain system, there's no more risk of chain jumping.

Equip yourself with a Hyundai thermal chainsaw with remarkable performance and durability over time .

The lifespan of Hyundai tools is a guarantee of reliability and quality.

2-year warranty, provided by SWAP-Europe:

For the after-sales service, you can contact one of the 350 points in France which will repair your item during the warranty period.

SWAP is a very important stock of spare parts: the shipment is insured within 72 hours.

SWAP keeps spare parts in stock for 5 years, even after the warranty period, to ensure you a long life of use and repair!

Short Description

  • Powerful and robust thanks to its single cylinder 2-stroke engine
  • Hyundai brand guide and chain, renowned for its quality
  • Digital electronic ignition for improved engine stability at idle and under full load
  • Handy and easy to handle. Its electronic system allows you to start the HTRT45H45-1 chainsaw on thefirst try.
  • Suitable for both right- and left-handed people
  • Suitable for all types of cutting, from hardwoods to softwoods
  • Ideal for cutting, pruning, cutting down branches, trunks, trees.
  • Equipped with an anti-whip chain system, the chain does not jump!
  • Easy to maintain
  • Supplied with dismantling key for spark plugs file for chain flat screwdriver for tension adjustment


Guide and chain
Griffes d'abattage
épaisseur de la plaque de chaîne à maillon
0 mm
46 cm³
Type de démarrage
démarrage manuel avec lanceur
Moteur 2 temps
Ecartement des dents
8 mm
Capacité réservoir carburant
550 mL
Capacité réservoir huile
260 mL
Ratio Carburant / Huile
Moteur à refroidissement par air
Système anti-vibration
1800 W
Niveau sonore
114 dB
Graissage de chaine automatique
Pas de chaîne
Longueur de guide
45 cm
Système de chaîne anti-fouet
Vitesse d'avancement de la chaîne
22 m/s
Réglage tension de la chaîne avec vis latérales