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Airless paint sprayer 800 W 1500 ml/min
  • Airless paint sprayer 800 W 1500 ml/min


For occasional or professional use, the Hyundai HSPA800-AC spray gun is the ideal tool.

Its power allows painting work on large surfaces.

Lightweight and high-performance, the HSP800 features Airlesswhich goes hand in hand with its speed of execution and impeccable finish.

Airless means "without air". You only spray paint. This results in a much thinner and denser fog formation than with a


Much faster than a roll, you also save time.

The hose has a total length of 7.5 m. This gives you freedom of movement and access to hard-to-reach corners.

Finally, our accessories are compatible with GRACO products.

The lifespan of Hyundai brand tools is a guarantee of reliability and quality.

2-year warranty, provided by the SWAP network :

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Short Description

  • Powerful: with 800W pressure, cover 1 m² in less than 10 seconds!
  • Finishing: the gun is equipped with an unfilter and a 515 nozzle guaranteeing a very fine spray for lacquering, varnishing, etc.
  • Practical: dip the suction tube directly into the paint can to paint without any limitation of contents!
  • Equipped with Airless technology: the paint is sprayed at high pressure without using air: the paint mist is much less dense.
  • High performance: the integrated electronic management module controls and regulates the spraying process for optimal use.
  • Ideal for: all painting jobs on small, medium and large surfaces with acrylic paint, stain, varnish, glycero paint for facades, etc...


Extension tube
50 cm
Rated pressure
200 Bar
Débit max
515, 517
Diamètre buse
0.38 mm
800 W
50 Hz
Câble d'alimentation
2 m
Pression Max
227 bar
Poignée de transport
Diamètre du flexible
12.3 mm