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Petrol multi-tool 52 cm³ - 4 in 1
  • Petrol multi-tool 52 cm³ - 4 in 1


The versatility of the Hyundai HCOMBI55-1 kit combined with its good performance will delight gardeners!

Thanks to its cutting width of 43 cm in edger mode, you will be able to get rid of plants that get in between driveway slabs, border grass, etc ... This is the ideal mode for finishing work.

The 3 tines blade in brushcutter mode mows dense grass or vegetation with thick stems. Here you will be able to carry out an efficient clearing of your land, to be carried out when the grass is high, thick and greasy.

The hedge trimmer mode will allow you to easily maintain your hedge.

In pruner mode, you can easily remove dead or unwanted branches from trees or plant beds in your garden. Its chain guide ensures a high level of resistance and cutting performance.

The powerful 52 cm³ HCOMBI55-1 Hyundaivous 2-stroke engine guarantees sufficient power to work efficiently on both small and large areas.

Thanks to its remote engine and harness, you'll enjoy real working comfort while protecting your back and arms.

Less cumbersome and less expensive by grouping 4 tools together, comfortable thanks to its offset engine and back harness, the Hyundai kit has everything you need for a garden essential!

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Short Description

  • Versatility: hedge trimmer, pruner, edger and brushcutter, the main garden cutting jobs done with a single tool
  • 4 times less space used for as many tasks, enjoy a powerful and robust machine!
  • 52 cc engine : high power for the main cutting jobs in your garden.
  • Comes with a harness for improved comfort and grip while reducing fatigue.
  • Allows you to work efficiently on small and large surfaces
  • Ideal for any outdoor work in the garden
  • Save money, save space: your wallet will appreciate it, and so will your garden shed!


Hedge trimmer cutting capacity
40 cm
4 in 1
Saw cutting lentgh
30 cm
Cutting lentgh in hedge trimmer mode
39 cm
Moteur à vilebrequin complet
52 cm³
Vitesse de rotation
3100 tr/min
Moteur 2 temps
Largeur de coupe en mode coupe-bordure
42 cm
Largeur de coupe en mode débroussailleuse
25.5 cm
Capacité réservoir carburant
1200 mL
Ratio Carburant / Huile
Diamètre fil
2.5 mm
Lame double action
1400 W
Lame 3 dents
Graissage de chaine automatique
Longueur de guide
30 cm
Puissance du moteur
1 hp
Réservoir d'huile de chaîne
140 mL