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Petrol lawn mower - self-propelled  139 cm³ 46 cm
  • Petrol lawn mower - self-propelled  139 cm³ 46 cm


Ideal for maintaining large areas, this Hyundai HTDT46-A thermal mower is specially designed to be self-propelled to

mow the garden lawn effortlessly


With a cutting height of 46 cm and 2 heights of 25 and 75 mm, you can give your garden a perfect and precise mowing of your lawn, even

when the grass is high.

With a displacement of 135 cm3, the Hyundai thermal mower performs very convincingly in large gardens. And its steel housing is made of

Steel protects the blade of your mower effectively and durably.

A 50 L collection bag has nevertheless been provided if you want a perfect finish.

The wheels, with a larger diameter at the rear (260 mm) than at the front (190 mm), ensure comfort of use and good adherence to the


as well as better manoeuvrability while respecting your lawn.

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Short Description

  • Self-propelled thermal mower, ideal for gardens larger than 1600m².
  • Very easy to use, lawn maintenance is no longer a chore but a pleasure!
  • Powerful and efficient, easy to maintain, its power and different cutting heights ensure a perfect cut of your lawn every time you mow.
  • The rigid 50 L collection box saves you valuable time. No more going back and forth to empty it all the time!
  • Finally, equipped with larger diameter wheels at the rear (260 mm) than at the front (190 mm) in order to respect your lawn, using and storing a cordless mower has never been so easy and pleasant!
  • The steel housing strengthens and durably protects your tool.


Cutting height positions
139 cm³
Vitesse de rotation
2850 tr/min
Capacité réservoir carburant
1000 mL
Capacité réservoir huile
550 mL
Surface de tonte recommandée (jusqu'à )
1200 m²
Largeur de coupe
46 cm
Hauteur de coupe
25 mm
Diamètre roue avant
152 mm
Diamètre roue arrière
203 mm
Hauteur de travail réglable
Moteur 4 temps
Type de tondeuse
Matière du carter
carter polypropylène
Type d'éjection
éjection arrière avec bac
Type de bac de ramassage
bac souple
Bac de ramassage
50 L
Roues montées sur roulement à billes