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Cordless lawn mower 40 V 40 cm
  • Cordless lawn mower 40 V 40 cm
  • Cordless lawn mower 40 V 40 cm
  • Cordless lawn mower 40 V 40 cm
  • Cordless lawn mower 40 V 40 cm
  • Cordless lawn mower 40 V 40 cm


With its induction motor combined with turbo mode, and thanks to its 2 cutting heights of 25 and 85 mm, give your garden and thanks to the Hyundai HTDEC40V-4A2B cordless mower a flawless and precise mowing of your lawn, even when the grass is high.

Easy to use, without engine maintenance and quiet , the Hyundai cordless mower is perfect for gardens of up to 1200 square meters. And with a cutting width of 40 cm, garden in unparalleled comfort.

The wheels, which are larger in diameter at the rear than at the front, ensure you are comfortable to use and adhere to the law n as well as better manoeuvrability while respecting your lawn.

Its steel housing protects the blade of your mower effectively and durably. A benefit for your Hyundai cordless mulching mower that can finely chop the grass you've just mowed. Chopped grass is a natural fertilizer. Environmentally friendly and...economical!

With its 50 L grassbox, get an optimized grass collection capacity and reduce the time spent emptying it. Rigid, it resists wear and tear and is much easier to empty .

Finally, its rear ejection system will simplify your life if you want to make fast and efficient mowing.

The Hyundai HTDEC40V-4A2B cordless mower is powered by one of the most powerful Lithium-Ion batteries on the market .

The twin battery system gives you enough power for a full mowing session. Count one hour of charge for a good 1/4 hour of autonomy.

Delivered with 1 charger and 2 batteries

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Short Description

  • Lightweight cordless push mower, ideal for gardens of up to 1200m².
  • Very easy to use, lawn care is no longer a chore but a pleasure!
  • Handy and silent, easy to maintain, its power and 2 different cutting heights ensure a perfect cut of your lawn every time you mow.
  • The mulching function allows you to produce your own fertiliser. Environmentally friendly and economical!
  • The rigid hopper combined with the rear discharge system saves you valuable time. No more back and forth trips to empty it all the time!
  • The fill level indicator on the hopper also provides you with a high level of operating comfort.
  • Finally, equipped with larger diameter wheels at the rear than at the front to respect your lawn and an adjustable and retractable handlebar, never before has using and storing a cordless mower been so easy and pleasant!


Cutting height positions
Holder for beverage and storage box
Battery platform
Plateforme 4
Number of Lithium battery (s)
Charging Time
120 min
Moteur induction
Capacité de batterie 40V 4Ah/2Ah
40 V
Batterie Lithium
4 Ah
Surface de tonte recommandée (jusqu'à )
1200 m²
30 min
Largeur de coupe
40 cm
Hauteur de coupe
25 mm
Diamètre roue avant
150 mm
Diamètre roue arrière
200 mm
Hauteur de travail réglable
Type de tondeuse
Matière du carter
carter acier
Type d'éjection
éjection arrière avec bac
Type de bac de ramassage
bac semi-rigide
Bac de ramassage
50 L
Guidon repliable
Roues montées sur roulement à billes
Largeur du carter
43 cm