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Jig saw 710 W
  • Jig saw 710 W


The Hyundai jigsaw is the ideal tool for making straight or curved cuts.

The HSS710W offers true ease of use and a perfect grip.

Its weight of 2.5 kg and its design make it easy to handle and allows you to make cuts with great precision.

With speeds up to 3000 rpm, you get a fast cut on many types of materials.

The lifespan of Hyundai brand tools is a guarantee of reliability and quality.

2-year warranty, provided by the SWAP network:

For the after-sales service, you can contact one of the 350 points in France which will take care of the repair of your product during the warranty period.

SWAP is a very important stock of spare parts: the shipment is assured in 72 hours.

SWAP keeps spare parts in stock for 5 years, even after the warranty period, to ensure long service and repair life.

Short Description

  • Power: 710 W delivered for outstanding performance
  • High performance: the speed of 3000 rpm allows cuts of 6 mm in the metal.
  • Precision: Lightweight at 2.5 kg, the Hyundai jigsaw is easy to handle and precise.
  • Versatile: possibility to make cuts in various materials (bosi, metal...)


Cutting height positions
Wood cutting blades
Vitesse de rotation
3300 tr/min
710 W
Poignée soft grip
Vitesse à vide
3000 tr/min
Capacité de coupe dans le bois
65 mm
Capacité de coupe dans l'acier
6 mm
Changement de lame sans outils
Vitesse variable
Degré d'inclinaison
0 °