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Battery - Platform 4
  • Battery - Platform 4
  • Battery - Platform 4
  • Battery - Platform 4
  • Battery - Platform 4
  • Battery - Platform 4
  • Battery - Platform 4
  • Battery - Platform 4


Work with greater autonomy thanks to the Hyundai HB40V4A kit, compatible with all of the brand's 40V range of tools.

High performance40 Volt 4 Amp lithium batteries power the following Hyundai 40V garden tool line:

cordless lawnmowers HTDEN40V-A and HTDEN46V-A

HCBEN40V-A cordless trimmer and HDBDN40V-A cordless brushcutter

wireless hedge trimmer HTHEN40V-A, wireless chainsaw HTREN40V-A,

cordless pruner HELPN40V-A and cordless blower HSEN40V-A

The battery in the HB40V4A kit is a li-Ion battery.

Its autonomy and number of charging cycles vary according to the use of the tool.

Lighter than lead batteries, the Hyundai HB40V4A Li-ion battery kit is powerful, compact and robust.

In addition, it offers a high number of cycles, a long operating time and a high energy density.

With a full battery charge cycle, you can carry out your gardening work comfortably.

They are quickly rechargeable and have no memory effect.

You can recharge your battery at any time without worrying about the remaining charge capacity.

The presence of a charge indicator tells you when the charge cycle is complete.

Short Description

  • Versatile: the HB40V4A kit is compatible with all Hyundai tools in the 40V range.
  • Powerful: with Li-Ion technology, the 4 Ah battery offers a long service life.
  • Performance: no memory effect, no pressure drop for optimal energy efficiency
  • Efficient: fast and complete battery charging


Battery platform
Plateforme 4
4 Ah
Tension nominale
40 V
40 V
Batterie Lithium
4 Ah
Témoin de charge LED
Indicateur de niveau de batterie